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Novi Bobcats


It is important for every Bobcat family to remember that they are an essential piece in making the Novi Bobcats a success each year.  The Novi Bobcats is a volunteer organization and with everyone’s help we can ensure a great experience for our football and cheer teams.  Bobcat volunteer positions are fun and are a great way to meet other members within the program. 

Each Bobcat family will be required to fulfill 4 game day and 1 special event volunteer assignments. The Sign Up Genius links will be emailed and posted on the individual team Shutterfly sites.

At Football and Cheer Equipment/Uniform Hand-out, we will be collecting a $200 volunteer deposit check (made out to Novi Bobcats) from each Bobcat family.  These checks will not be cashed, but rather held for the duration of the season and returned to the family when they fulfill their volunteer duties.  If a family fails to fulfill their volunteer duties during the season, their check will be cashed at the end of the season when all volunteer opportunities have expired.  If a family simply chooses not to volunteer during the season, please let a Bobcat Board Member know your intentions and we will use the volunteer deposit check to hire someone to fulfill the volunteer duties.  If a family has not signed up for any volunteer duties by the team's first game, the volunteer deposit check will be cashed and used to hire someone to fulfill the volunteer duties for the season. 

   -  All volunteer positions are open to every Bobcat family. 
   -  Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.
   -  If you cannot fulfill your volunteer assignment, YOU must find a replacement.
        -  You must be signed in to receive credit for your volunteer duty!  At home and away games, sign in with a Bobcat cheer or football unit director.
   -  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled volunteer time.  Arriving early helps us ensure all jobs are covered.  Late arrivals will forfeit their volunteer positions - the game must go on! 


  (1 person / home game) Announce the home game from the press box.  Including announcing players, cheerleaders, and coaches prior to the start of the game; playing the National Anthem prior to the start of the game; announcing play-by-play and scores during the game; and announcing Bobcat sponsors.

Announcer Spotter:  (1 person / home game)  From the press box, responsible for relaying all plays and player numbers/names to the announcer.  Binoculars are helpful for this duty. 

Chains:  (2 persons / home game)  Working on the sidelines with the yard markers for the duration of the game.

Concessions: (4 persons / home game) Working in the concession stand preparing food for sale or selling food directly to fans.  For the first game of the day, showing up 30 minutes before game time to help setup the concession stand.  For the last game of the day, also helping clean and close up the concession stand (shift end is usually about 30 minutes after game end).

Down Marker:
  (1 person / home game)  Working on the sidelines with the down marker for the duration of the game.

Game Clock:  (1 person / home game)  From the press box, responsible for running the game clock and scoreboard. 

Griller: (1 person / home game)  Grill up burgers for the concession stand.

Photographer:  (1 person / game)  From the sidelines, responsible for taking game and candid photos for the duration of the game.  Within the week following the game, volunteer must upload game photos to team Shutterfly site.  Volunteer must provide their own camera.  Cell phone cameras do not translate well for this.

Sideline Assistant:  (2 persons / game)  From the sidelines, responsible for taking stats and/or recording number of plays per coaches directions.  This ensures each player gets at least their minimum number of plays.

50/50 Ticket Sales: (1 person / home game)  Sell 50/50 raffle tickets during the first half of the game while walking through both home and visitor grandstands. 

Previous experience or some basic football knowledge is helpful when volunteering for Announcer or Game Clock.