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1.      Registration for all participants (Veteran, Legacy and Rookie) for football and cheer/pom will take place during a designated period of time which will be posted on the Novi Bobcats website:


2.     No tryouts are allowed by any team in the Novi Bobcats Organization.


3.     “Veteran status” shall be defined, for the purposes of this Policy, as any football player and/or cheerleader who played and/or participated within the Novi Bobcat Organization for a team in the immediately preceding season.  Veteran status means that the individual participated in all games the previous season (unless it was related to injury, illness or extenuating circumstances), have paid their previous year’s balances in full, returned all borrowed equipment, and ended the season in good standing.


4.     “Legacy status” shall be defined, for the purposes of this Policy, as any immediate family member registrant of any eligible veteran or a rostered out-of-district football player or cheerleader from the previous season.  Legacy status is also given to immediate family members of varsity football players and junior varsity cheerleaders who have used all their age eligibility the previous season and are graduating to high school football and/or middle school cheer/pom.  If a veteran participant goes to the middle school program or another football program, legacy status is revoked for siblings.  Legacy status for siblings is only granted if there are openings on the designated team that the sibling would be eligible to play/cheer for that season.  Legacy status given to football players and cheerleader participants from a previous season will only maintain their status if they remain in good standing with the Novi Bobcat Organization. 


5.     “Rookie status” shall be defined, for the purposes of this Policy, as any football player and/or cheerleader that is new to the Bobcat Organization. 


6.     Upon registration, preference is given first to all veteran football players and cheerleaders for placement on the Novi Bobcats football and cheer/pom teams.  Second preference is then given to all legacy football players and cheerleaders, and lastly any rookie football players and cheerleaders.


7.      A $50.00 non-refundable football registration fee is due at the time of veteran football registration.  This fee is only payable through the online registration system via credit or bank card at the time of registration.  The football registration fee will be credited to the overall registration balance for the participant.


8.     Registration notice and information will be sent by email to all veteran football players and cheerleaders prior to veteran registration.  All registrations and payments will be completed electronically through our secure website:  Registration dates and information will also be posted on the Novi Bobcats’ website.  Veteran families have the responsibility of contacting the Novi Bobcats Registrar with new email addresses or changes for communication purposes.


9.     Any veteran who fails to timely register within the official veteran registration period loses veteran status for that registration year, and shall be considered for registration purposes, a rookie.


10.  Veteran players/cheerleaders must upload/send the following registration paperwork no later than the day set forth by the Bobcat Board of Directors:

·        Upload copy of participant’s official birth certificate or an unexpired passport

·        Physical Form: Send a copy to [email protected]   A copy does not need to be submitted during the registration period but must be submitted prior to the start of practice.  Physical exams are required to be performed within the calendar year of that season – preferably on or after April 15th of that year, following MHSAA rules and guidelines.


11.   All Novi Bobcats football players and cheerleaders will reside within the Novi School District’s geographical area.  Individuals who attend private schools, are home schooled, and/or live in Northville but still reside in the Novi School District’s geographical area will be considered.  During registration, rising grade and school must be entered for registration purposes and consideration.


12.   Individuals from other cities or those who reside outside of the Novi School District’s geographic area will only be considered if team openings still exist after recruitment of Novi School District residents/students.  See legacy status above, Registration Policy #4.


13.   All participants must meet league age and football weight requirements.  The Novi Bobcats Registrar is responsible for verifying age, weight, residency/school district requirements, and the health of participants.


14.   Any roster or team placements that do not fall within the league rules will need approval by the Novi Bobcats Board and then the league.  All approvals must be in writing and will be kept on file with the Novi Bobcats.


15.   A first come, first served process is utilized to fill open positions on each team/unit.  All individuals who register after veteran registration, during the open registration period, are considered.  Open spots are filled until the team is at the designated team roster size.  Individuals not selected for an opening will be placed on a first come, first served wait list. 


16.   New football player’s and cheerleader’s acceptance onto a team is contingent upon full participation fee payment or adhering to a payment plan, a commitment to volunteer positions, and all required paperwork on file with the organization. 


17.   Failure to adhere to an agreed payment plan will result in the loss of a roster position and being placed on the team’s wait list.


18.  A maximum roster size of 30 players per team will be used for each football team.  The Novi Bobcats Board President and Director of Football, with input from the league, will have the discretion to increase or decrease team rosters based on number of teams and participants.


19.   A maximum roster size of 25 cheerleaders will be used for each cheer/pom team.  The Novi Bobcats Board President and Director of Cheer, with input from the league, will have the discretion to increase or decrease squad rosters based on number of squads and participants.


20.  If an opening occurs after the veteran registration period, during open registration, and once a team/unit is filled, the opening will be offered in sequential order to those individuals placed on the wait list.  Replacement of a participant will be determined based on the team and age of the individual so that the age group matches the participant being replaced.


21.   Participation fees will be determined each season by the Novi Bobcats Board of Directors.  Financial assistance is available through Novi Youth Assistance for those that can show financial need.  The Novi Bobcats Board votes on all Bobcat scholarship requests.


22.  The Novi Bobcats’ Refund Policy is full refund minus a $50.00 per participant administrative fee, any time after registration.  After the spring Mandatory Parent Meeting/Uniform Fitting, the non-refundable per participant administrative fee increases to $75.00 plus a $100.00 jersey fee for tackle football or a $75.00 uniform fee for cheer.  No refunds will be given at all after games begin and no refunds will be issued until all borrowed equipment has been returned to the Bobcats Organization. 


23.  If a team is not filled during the registration period, registration will remain open until the league rules allow or until the first day of practice. 


24.  The Novi Bobcats Registration Policy will be reviewed and approved by the Novi Bobcats Board yearly.  Any changes or exceptions to the Novi Bobcats Registration Policy will require board approval.