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Sep, 2020

Covid Mask for Helmet faceguard

Rules for return to play require all players to wear a face covering at all times, even during play.  To assist our players, the Bobcats have purchased a solid black fabric shield that attaches to the helmet face guard via velcro.  They are made out of a polyester/lycra material and are washable. 

These masks will allow your football player to wear a tethered mouth guard while on the field and will also allow a bit more air flow so he can breathe easier.  The mask is positioned in the helmet to run straight across the bridge/tip of the nose.  With the mask running across the inside, it creates the most vision for the athlete while still providing protection close to the mouth and nose.  Please see the picture below. 

Every Bobcat player that would like a fabric mask may have one.  We are asking for a $10 donation for each mask (which covers the cost of the mask).  You can make your donation online or at the football field.  Once the masks are received the week of 9/15 – we will send out the online donation link and let you know they will be at the field for purchase.

You are not required to use this face covering.  You can use your own, just  make sure it complies with the executive orders issued by the Governor.